Spontaneous World


Hello all!
As many of you know, Mark and I started this blog over a year ago with the grandest intentions of sharing our travel stories. However, as we soon discovered, writing a blog is pretty tricky, but co-writing a blog is even more challenging.

Even though we’re on this grand adventure together, we have vastly different interests and completely subjective experiences. It became difficult to find a unified voice and we felt as though our passions were falling by the wayside in favor of a cohesive storyline. As such, we’ve decided to branch out into our own separate blogs more focused on our personal interests. Mark will be continuing his SnapFactory blog with all of his great photography tips, videos, and tales, and I’m just beginning my blogging journey with a focus on my passion for herbal medicine, food, and natural living with – the Curious Herbalist.

Both of our blogs have a travel element, and now we are able to better incorporate our own unique experiences.

You can find Mark at snapfactory.com and Lex at thecuriousherbalist.com

Thanks so much for following! The journey continues!

Mark and Lex